Welcome to Sorig Khang Bay Area

Center for Tibetan Medicine

We offer ongoing programs in the study and practice of
 Traditional Tibetan Medicine and the Yuthok Nyingthig spiritual lineage
in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.

Foundations of TTM Program

Join us online, or in the San Francisco Bay Area, to learn Tibetan Medicine, Ku Nye Massage, and External TherapiesLearn more →

Online Practices

Join us online for ongoing mantra and meditation practices from the tradition of Tibetan Medicine. These practices are open to everyone. Learn more →

Learn to Make Tibetan Natural Remedies

Join us June 23–24 in San Rafael for a hands-on workshop to learn how to make medicinal butters, tinctures, and other natural remedies from the Tibetan Medical tradition with Dr. Nashalla Nyinda! Learn more & register →

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Summer External Therapy Intensives

Join us June 14–19 in New Orleans for a public talk and 5-day intensive training in Ku Nye Tibetan Massage! Learn more & register →

Join us July 6–15 in the Bay Area for a series of intensive workshops in Tibetan External Therapies:

  • July 6: Introduction to Tibetan Medicine
  • July 7–10: Ku Nye Tibetan Massage Level 1
  • July 12–13: Working with Channels & Points
  • July 14–15: Mébum Cupping Therapy

Learn more & register →