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Introduction to Tibetan Medicine

  • San Rafael & Online San Rafael, CA United States (map)

Traditional Tibetan Medicine (TTM) is one of the oldest healing sciences in existence. It offers a vast medical knowledge that is accessible to everyone, and supports the cultivation of a happy mind along with a healthy body.

In this workshop we will gain an overview of the fundamentals of Tibetan Medicine. We will explore essential concepts including interdependent connection (tendrel), cause and effect (karma), and continuous authentic education (tantra), and will learn how the building blocks of the five elements form our body, energy, mind, and the world around us.

We will also learn about the dynamic energetic qualities known as the three nyepa (loong, treepa, and beken, or wind, bile, and phlegm) as well as the seven body constituents and three waste products. We will learn how, when these energetic and physical aspects are in balance, we enjoy good health, long life, and a balanced and happy mind, and when they are imbalanced, we experience disease.

Students who have not previously studied the Root Tantra (FTTM 1.1–1.4 or TTM 1.1) and who wish to attend the July 7–10 Ku Nye Tibetan Massage Intensive, the July 12–13 Channels & Points workshop, or the July 14–15 Mebum Cupping Therapy workshop must take this workshop as a prerequisite.

This workshop serves as an introduction to the two-year Foundations of TTM program in Tibetan Medicine & External Therapies offered by Sorig Khang Bay Area. Students are welcome to attend individual workshops, or the entire program. Learn more →