Foundations of TTM

Two-Year Training in
Tibetan Medicine & Therapeutics

In San Francisco & Online

Current Cycle in Progress
Next Cycle Starts Early 2018 — More details will be posted in mid-November

Traditional Tibetan Medicine (TTM) is one of the oldest healing traditions in existence. It offers a vast medical knowledge that is accessible to everyone, and supports the cultivation of a happy mind along with a healthy body.

Designed for laypeople as well as health practitioners from all traditions, the Foundations of TTM program:

  • Offers in-depth study of the fundamentals of Traditional Tibetan Medicine theory, diagnosis, and treatment
  • Provides comprehensive practical training in
    • lifestyle and diet regimens
    • natural and herbal medicines
    • external healing therapies

The program forms the basis of the broader Tibetan Medicine & Therapeutics curricula offered by Sorig Khang International (SKI, pronounced "sky"). Upon graduation, students will receive a SKI certificate and may pursue more advanced levels of TTM studies at SKI centers worldwide.

The program will be offered by additional Sorig Khang centers in the near future. Students may complete modules at any location to fulfill program requirements.

Entire Program
  • $5,000 for 25 modules (33% discount)
Individual Module Early Registration
  • $240 per module for the general public and SKI Family members (20% discount)
Individual Module Regular Registration
  • $270 per module for SKI Family members (10% discount)
  • $300 per module for the general public

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Program Details

The Foundations of TTM program is open to the public, and has no prerequisites.

The program consists of 25 modules offered over a period of two years. Each module comprises a two-day weekend workshop followed by a review class a few weeks later. (Some modules will be combined into three- or four-day workshops.)

The program comprises 375 hours of teaching time. Students will be required to complete homework assignments and individual practice sessions outside of class. The program will also offer clinical diagnosis and treatment experience under the guidance of expert TTM doctors and practitioners.

Students may choose to attend the entire program or select modules, and may complete modules at any SKI center to fulfill program requirements. Some modules may also be attended online.

Students who attend the entire program, complete all required assignments and sessions, and pass the final examination will receive a certificate of completion from Sorig Khang International.


Planned teachers include:


All courses are approved, or pending approval, by the California Acupuncture Board as Category 1 Continuing Education Courses — licensed acupuncturists will receive 12 CE Hours upon completion of each weekend module.

Keep in Touch

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Program Schedule

Cycle 1: Spring 2017 – Spring 2019
Date Module Location
Mar 25–26, 2017 FTTM 1.1
Introduction & Four Tantras
with Jenny Dinh, LAc

Theory Part 1 of 4
The Center SF
& Online
Apr 22–23, 2017 FTTM 1.2
Root of Health & Disease
with Jenny Dinh, LAc

Theory Part 2 of 4
The Center SF
& Online
May 20–21, 2017 FTTM 1.3
Root of Diagnosis
with Jenny Dinh, LAc

Theory Part 3 of 4
The Center SF
& Online
Jun 30, 2017 Yuthok Nyingthig
with Dr. Nida Chenagtsang

Rigpa Bay Area
Jul 1–4, 2017 FTTM 2.1–2.2
Tibetan Medicine Diagnosis
with Dr. Nida Chenagtsang

Rigpa Bay Area
& Online
Aug 12–13, 2017 FTTM 1.4
Root of Treatment
with Jenny Dinh, LAc

Theory Part 4 of 4
Ohlone Herbal
 & Online
Sep 16–17, 2017 FTTM 3.1
Prevention & Treatment through Lifestyle
with Nashalla G. Nyinda, Menpa

Ohlone Herbal
 & Online
  Students who missed the above modules can make them up at a later date and may still join this program cycle.
Oct 14–15, 2017 FTTM 3.2
Prevention & Treatment through Diet
with Nashalla G. Nyinda, Menpa

Ohlone Herbal
 & Online
  Schedule of Future Modules TBA
Next Program Cycle Starts Early 2018

Program Curriculum


These four modules open the door to the vast and profound world of TTM, and establish the theoretical basis for the entire program.

  • FTTM 1.1: Introduction & Four Tantras
    Theory Part 1 of 4  ·  In Person or Online
    Learn more →
  • FTTM 1.2: Root of Health & Disease
    Theory Part 2 of 4  ·  In Person or Online
    Learn more →
  • FTTM 1.3: Root of Diagnosis
    Theory Part 3 of 4  ·  In Person or Online
    Learn more →
  • FTTM 1.4: Root of Treatment
    Theory Part 4 of 4  ·  In Person or Online
    Learn more →


Treatment: Lifestyle & Diet

  • FTTM 3.1–3.2: Lifestyle & Diet Regimens
    In Person or Online

TREATMENT: Natural & Herbal Medicines

  • FTTM 4.1–4.3: Tibetan Pharmacology, Materia Medica, & Herbal Formulas
    In Person or Online
  • FTTM 4.4: Creating Practical Herbal Medicines
  • FTTM 4.5: Remedies for Common Ailments

TREATMENT: External Therapies

  • FTTM 5.1–5.2: Ku Nye Massage
  • FTTM 5.3: Channels & Points
  • FTTM 5.4: Me Tsa (Moxibustion) Heat Therapy
  • FTTM 5.5: Horme Mongolian Oil Therapy
  • FTTM 5.6: Me Bum Cupping Therapy
  • FTTM 5.7: Yukcho Stick Therapy

Clinical Integration

  • FTTM 6.1–6.4: Clinical Diagnosis & Treatment

Review & Examination

  • FTTM 7: Review & Examination