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FTTM 1.2: Root of TTM: Health & Disease

In-person or Online

In this module, we will study the fundamental principles of health and disease in TTM.

TTM explains that the nature of health is balance, and the nature of disease is imbalance. We will learn about the dynamic energetic qualities known as the three nyepa (wind, bile, and phlegm), and study the seven body constituents and three waste products. We will learn how, when these energetic and physical aspects are in balance, we are well-nourished and enjoy good health, long life, and a balanced and happy mind.

We will also study the fundamentals of pathology, including the causes and contributing conditions of disease. We will learn how disease manifests when the nyepa become deficient, in excess, or disordered in the various parts and systems of the body, and how diseases can be grouped into the two categories of hot-natured (inflammatory) diseases and cold-natured (metabolic) diseases.