Foundations of TTM

Two-Year Training in
Tibetan Medicine & Therapeutics

Next cycle starts October 2018

Attend online or in the San Francisco Bay Area
Attend individual modules or the entire program

Program Overview

Traditional Tibetan Medicine (TTM), known in Tibetan as Sowa Rigpa, is one of the oldest healing traditions in existence. It offers a vast medical knowledge that is accessible to everyone, and supports the cultivation of a happy mind along with a healthy body.

Designed for laypeople as well as health practitioners from all traditions, the Foundations of TTM program:

  • Offers in-depth study of the fundamentals of TTM theory, diagnosis, and treatment

  • Provides comprehensive practical training in

    • lifestyle and diet regimens

    • natural medicines, and

    • external healing therapies,
      including Ku Nye Tibetan Massage

The program forms the basis of the broader Tibetan Medicine & External Therapies curricula offered by Sorig Khang International (SKI). Upon graduation, students will receive certification from SKI and may pursue further Tibetan Medicine studies at SKI centers worldwide.

Next Cycle of Root Tantra Classes

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